Heart of Peace for King George of Poděbrady

    What would be a respectful and stylish way to celebrate the 550th anniversary of King George‘s peace missions and the 10th anniversary of the Czech Republic joining the EU? Ewing PR addressed a number of fine arts middle and high schools that proposed 28 designs for models of giant hearts. Although there were some issues which led to a minor diplomatic faux pas, ultimately the designs were approved and representatives from various embassies and students with paintbrushes went off to Poděbrady.

    Despite the difficult preparations, everything was prepared on time and a beautifully decorated heart, which united the theme of peace, was unvealed during the major Poděbrady celebrations. The unveiling was watched by representatives from the embassies, as well as the Czech Prime Minister. The hearts will be presented to the individual embassies as gifts, this time hopefully without any problems :-)