Ewing PR’s corporate philosophy is founded on a core Czech value: resourcefulness. Our clients want reputational or brand-related challenges solved strategically, elegantly… and with a clear focus on bottom line.

    Ewing Public Relations offers a full spectrum of communication services from our home base in Prague. It was founded in 1993 and has grown under current co-owners to become a Top 5 Agency. Today it has 20 employees (including Czech, Russian, German and native English speakers) supporting both international and Czech-based clients.

    We deliver communications services to clients from industries including Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, IT & Telecommunications, Real Estate & Development, Finance & Banking, Energy, Oil & Gas, and consumer goods (FMCG).

    Ewing PR is a member of the Ewing Group, an integrated family of niche consultancies that provide corporate communications, creative storytelling & advertising and social media management services in Central Eastern Europe and internationally.

     From the Paul Holmes Report, reviewing Czech PR agencies

    "Like many developing public relations markets, the Czech Republic can be viewed as a pyramid: at the bottom there are lots of firms competing primarily on price and offering a mix of product publicity and special events, often with dubious professional and lax ethical standards; in the middle, there are a growing number of more reputable firms known primarily for their ability to execute efficiently and deliver value; at the top there are a handful of strategic public relations firms whose best work is as good as the best in any of the more developed markets. In the Czech Republic, Ewing PR is firmly established at the top of that third group."